• To promote win-win cooperation and mutual flow of technology and investment between Hong Kong / China and the rest of the world
  • To provide an opportunity particularly for cosmopolitan Chinese technopreneurs, investors, financiers, CEOs, managers, professionals, opinion leaders, researchers, academics and international corporations from across the world to network, cooperate and share valuable experiences in investment, opportunities, management, technology adoption and business development
  • To promote Hong Kong as a hub for investments and as a China gateway for the rest of the world in the science and technology sector
  • To facilitate our members' career development, businesses and investments in the science and technology sector
  • An international non-profit, non-political, private-sector organization first established by a group of Chinese-American high-tech executives in Silicon Valley in 1989. Now Monte Jade has 15 chapters worldwide (although there exists a long-term, win-win and mutually-respected relationship between Monte Jade Hong Kong and other Monte Jade Chapters around the world, Monte Jade Hong Kong is an independent, Hong Kong registered company / organization with Hong Kong's overall interest as its top priority, and is led by the Board of Directors of Monte Jade Hong Kong)
  • "Monte Jade", the highest mountain in Taiwan, signifies cross-cultural open-mindedness, technological foresight, leadership and excellence at the highest level particularly among the global Chinese community